‘Olivia Rees’ drops exciting debut album ‘Exposed’

Stirring figures and eminence of arts emanate from the deepest of compassion and they in configuration of stars twinkle in the darkest of the skies with the sharpest of  light. What an unordinary irony, but exclusively reasonable for the divine sovereignty named as “Olivia Rees” who is inclined to grab you fellas on an excursion of hers unleashing the true meaning of the term “talent” prevailing as supremely passionate and aspirational personality keen to engrave her title on the world.

A green artist, but insanely competent. Is it a certainty or a fantasy?

The answer calls out itself when conversing about Olivia who is debuting to illustrate the world who’s the leader here. Growing up and recognizing the souvenir she had for comprehending the commencement of the tones, the reason was clear and the initiative was seized, to polish the gift, she had restoring it into something stunning, something extraordinary which will bestow a “ray of shining light” onto others and a desire to thrive for and this ray of light was none other than Olivia who plunged to produce music that will bring serenity to everyone. That will have the heartfelt lyrics and bucket full of sentiments that will give a mythical hug for those who will need it.

Have you ever heard of a prism? Well you don’t need to because Olivia is the prism who is gleaming with a diversity of colors and idealizing those tones in her music is the motive of her prism like musical proficiency. Olivia is set on the proclamation of rocking the industry with R&B influenced songs with a disposing genre of hip-hop, a citation of blissful and soothing serenity for the ears and the title “bias wrecker” worth giving. Spicy tone with sugary sentimental lyrics to get you on the veritable bucket full of emotions with songs like “Sugar and Spice” and “Leave it alone” is everything your prism-like playlist desires.

Is Olivia Rees a legend or an entity?

Photo 2020-08-26_ 11 56 56 AM

The answer is both. Crafting edgy music, with tones to reside for and lyrics to relate to which indeed is a legendary entity that will go down in history with her name “Olivia Rees“. And we cannot skip her universal collaborations with artists like “L.A. rapper Mr D.M.A., as well as his brother Eddy Rozon (sons of Gilbert Rozon, founder of acclaimed Canadian series “Just for Laughs”)” proving the fact that she is that prodigy that everyone has to look forward to with never seen before fascination and aspiration to show the world what she’s got.

Became a fan of Olivia? Well no surprise for us as the artist who is offering so much before debuting, we cannot dare to imagine what she will offer after she sets her foot in the industry. It will clearly be an explosion of majestic melodies and enthusiastic harmonies with heartfelt lyrics. The prodigy is coming your way with endless possibilities you can imagine. All you have to do is to assist the queen and become a factor of this family.