‘Madi Simmons’ has released a brand new tune called ‘I know I Must Be Strong’

Sharmad Productions reggae singer-songwriter Madi Simmons has released a tune called I know I Must Be Strong, Simmons writes and sings of the desire to find inner peace and strength in these troubled times.May this song inspire the listener who feels the same.. .Hailing from the United States, Madi Simmons entered the performing scene at

Get The Best Essence of Lyrical and Melodic Hip Hop with Artist Master Yetí’s Latest Single “Lulu Lemon”

As we now perceive Master Yetí, he has two sides. The first is the music producer, a commanding presence that creates and conjures magnificent sounds with nothing more than his studio and who work relentlessly to create something truly amazing and significant. .The second is the recording artist, who has just recently began to take

‘dRandom’ releases musical compositions from his ‘dEmo sounds and dMGuedo ACc’

After releasing new compositions dRandom says “These musical compositions are apart of my dEmo sounds and dMGuedo ACc. Currently I’m in recovery mode after film school getting ready to hopefully fit well for an Athletic Scholarship somewhere close to home so an entire paradigm shift can take place in my life towards a professional athletic

P.Ri.S.M are two New York sisters with a solid fusion of Hip-Hip and poetry as they drop new single ‘Heart Strings’

(P.Ri.S.M) stands for ‘Poets Reinvent Sound Music’ who represents a melodic and lyrical duo of sisters Nyenye (Alter) and Nailah (Royal Ether) Born and raised in New York. ‘Prisms’ musical versatility is demonstrated in their ability to fuse song, hiphop, soul and poetry to Express artistic freedom. Watch the official video here: P.R.I.S.M ONLINE: Instagramhttps://instagram.com/officialp.ri.s.m?utm_medium=copy_linkSpotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/23bsrSPx1lpdZ3qcUNphwP?si=H-98bdixR6KvLkj7VNUlmAWebsitehttps://poetsreinventsoundmusic.blogspot.com/?m=1Soundcloudhttps://m.soundcloud.com/user-840409186/prism-heart-stringsYoutubeWatch

Musician Madi Simmons has released his new single ‘Love Conspiracy’

Musician Madi Simmons has released his new single ‘Love Conspiracy’ Love Conspiracy was written as a tongue in cheek response to all the the conspiracy theories out there, after all, what’s wrong with more love? Hailing from the United States, Madi Simmons entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out playing

Artist Nahash Wizdom celebrates life and urges others to do the same with his new single ‘Follow Me’

Artist Nahash Wizdom has released the latest single ‘Follow Me’ from the album Grown Folks Muzik; set to drop in August.’Follow Me’ is a feel good Summer anthem urging listeners to lose their stress and worries and join Nahash Wizdom for an all out celebration of life and all it has to offer! Watch on

Houston, Texas based artist BiNG has just released his latest single ‘Heat’ off the Album ‘At It Again’

BiNG is an artist from Houston Texas and has just released his latest single ‘Heat’ off the Album ‘At It Again’. BiNG likes to talk about girls, other artists, and music in general. “My album is mostly my best work and is one of the best rides to music. My inspiration comes from wanting to

Get A Stellar Dose of Techno Music With Luca Draccar’s Latest EP “Soul Grabber”

Electronic dance music has given rise to a plethora of exceptional subgenres. One of the strongest musical genres to emerge from EDM is techno music. Luca Draccar, a well-known Techno artist, has elevated the genre’s rhythmic majesty to new heights. With his exceptional artistry, he has finally released his highly awaited EDM banger “Soul Grabber”