DISCOVER HIP-HOPES OF 2020: ‘Raylon Fumbanks’ drops an inventive, sophisticated Rap gem with a bottle full of Hip-Hop ‘Liquor’

Raylon Fumbanks; not just a name of chic sportsman but when you get into his life and style will take you surely to an energetic boost of youth and jazz age.

This guy has made his own path by following legends of all-time; notably, Michael Jackson and Akon.

Searching his tracks and channel is going to make you worth utilizing your time and mood. Focusing on absolute easily grasped language style, this champ has made audience to enjoy  his song along with his cool hip-hopes. This takes a lot of energy to focus on more than one task of singing along with lively hip-hop.

His recent release of track “Liquor” is going to give you a single stud party night though. You are not going to miss any of your company while listening his breathtaking ‘Liquor’. What makes him more chic is he is indulging his girl talks for your mood swing. Now this again takes a lot of courage to do so.

This track is going to make you wander on an empty road with his creepy background music or might make you more valorous to jump into music life ,but this is not that much easy as our chic is dealing with his athletic and musical career both at a time with zero disappointment.

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Well, watching his R&B style, you are not going to miss Ludacris of Beiber’s ‘Baby’. So, have some wine and turn on this champ’s ‘Liquor’, and then you are good to go on date with yourself this is what at least his track do for you.

So, go get a life with Raylon’s “Liquor”!