DISCOVER FEMALE ARTISTS OF 2020: Heavenly and soft voiced Dominican musician ‘Téhilah’ touches your soul with her beautiful golden sweet dreamy song ‘Dried Roses’

“Everybody’s got a plan to Be better I won’t stand for anything less I don’t need no dried roses” These lyrics hit me with an unexpected strength and emotion and resonated with something buried deep within myself. And I think it’s not an isolated case. I think it’s precisely this image of being lost, of

DISCOVER WORLD MUSIC: ‘Faizan’ Feat ‘Amadeus’ produce a well crafted film sized soundtrack of shimmering tropical rhythms, heavenly violins and tinkling piano on their cinematic beach video ‘Aether’

There are some songs that don’t stop to ask you what your preferred music genre is or if you listen to this sort of thing or not. Some songs are simply that good that they don’t actually need to ask, because they know you’ll listen to them anyway, and like them, regardless what your musical

‘Cosmic Krewe’ unleash a jazzy spacey soundtrack with a slice of heavenly trumpets and a rhythmic Afro explosion on ‘Covid-19’ (Cosmic Krewe PSA)

Cosmic Krewe is the brain child of Master Trumpeter Michael Ray.  Michael Ray has been a lifetime member of global hitmakers Kool and the Gang for over 40 years. The incredible sound and vibe that Cosmic Krewe produce is a spacey slice of Jazz Funk AfroFuturism with A Gritty New Orleans Vibe. Covid-19 (Cosmic Krewe PSA)

Award Winning Novelist and Actress ‘ Katrina Kusa’ Releases First Rap Single ‘Ta$te It’ Prod. By Indian Trap

American author, actress, songwriter and singer Katrina Kusa is making waves with her debut single ‘Ta$te It’ Prod. By Indian Trap. The single ‘Ta$te It’ continues to grow with having over 30K streams on Spotify and a now trending remix with over 100 dances on TikTok. ‘Ta$te It’ is an infectious hip-hop song that features

Russian recording artist XTAXY Makes a Bold Statement with new hip-hop alt-pop single “Not Who You Wanted”

Russian recording artist XTAXY is rediscovering her sound with her latest single Not Who You Wanted. The 18-year-old prolific songwriter has been practicing and performing music since she was only 4 years old. At the age of 13, she began writing her own original music, and since then, the world has been her inspiration. Her

DISCOVER THE RE-BIRTH OF INDEPENDENT ROCK: “There’s a Growing Trend” soars the touching, piercing and powerful voice of Indie maverick and strong songwriter ‘Bryan Mullis’ a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’ on new single ‘Some People’

Musical maverick, strong melodic songwriter and real life storyteller Bryan Mullis is fresh out of the studio with another rocking Alternative Pop Rock single entitled ‘Some People’. The Radio friendly, uplifting, well written and produced driving rock single ‘Some People’ from BSR has crashing drums and a powerful melody with lyrics of strength, courage and